Reshaping the future of human health

At NuEden Bio, we’re using advances in AI, cutting-edge science, and indigenous knowledge to rapidly discover novel therapeutic compounds in ethnic plants. With EdenXplorer, our integrated discovery engine, we position biopharmaceutical companies to cost-effectively unlock safe and effective therapies that prevent or treat diseases with high unmet medical needs.

Mission Statement

We are on a mission to restore human health through the accelerated discovery of novel bioactives and small molecule therapeutics from ethnic plants.

Drug-resistant diseases with unsustainable health and societal burdens are on the rise globally. Over 1 million people are lost to these diseases annually. Yet, the traditional model for therapeutics discovery remains plagued with extended timelines and a high failure rate that constrain the development of safe and effective therapies against antimicrobial resistant diseases. To combat this critical global challenge and its negative impacts on human health, we must reinvent the model for therapeutic discovery.

NuEden Bio is combining machine learning, cutting-edge science, and indigenous knowledge to unlock the hidden powers of ethnic plants to effectively treat and preempt intractable diseases. Our initial focus is on drug-resistant diseases on the rise and with critical unmet needs in low-resource communities.

  • $1 trillion
    Est. Annual economic costs of antimicrobial resistance by 2050
  • 86%
    Share of the global burden of anti-microbial infections borne by low and middle-income countries
  • 10 - 15 years
    Time to develop and bring new therapeutics to market
  • $2.5 billion
    Cost of developing a new therapy
  • 90%+
    New therapeutic compounds fail clinical trials, mostly due to efficacy and safety issues

Why Ethnic Plants

Plants like Moringa and Hibiscus, have centuries-long medicinal uses among people in indigenous communities. Yet, they remain largely untapped as sources of therapeutic molecules within the current biopharma R&D model. Only 40+ out of 100,000+ known, and billions still unknown, plant compounds are found in approved therapies today.

Most ethnic plants:

  • Contain myriads of phytochemicals that are antimicrobial, antihypertensive, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, etc.
  • Could create sustainable income sources for people in rural communities

Our Platform

We’re developing a unique discovery platform, EdenXplorer, that leverages automated high throughput screening, advanced AI/ML tools, and domain knowledge of computational chemistry and biology to drive early-stage discovery of novel therapeutic compounds in ethnic plants at an unprecedented scale.

What We Offer

With our AI-driven discovery platform, EdenXplorer, and sustainable access to medicinal ethnic plants, we position companies across industries to develop life-changing therapeutic products & bring them to market cost-effectively.

Our Edge on Traditional R&D Methods


Accelerated discovery of novel bioactive compounds in an under-explored chemical space


Increased probability of clinical success from early-stage safety optimization


Improved cost and time efficiency in therapeutic compound discovery

Meet The Team

Rebecca Bakare
(Co-Founder & CEO)

Rebecca is a mission-driven entrepreneur leader and business operator with cross-sectoral experience that spans strategic partnership development, stakeholder mobilization, natural product development, and strategic and operational management.

Harry Akligoh
(Co-Founder & CSO)

Harry is a molecular biologist, ecosystem builder, and entrepreneur creating agile biotech innovations to improve access to life-saving biomedical solutions. He has extensive experience conducting translational research at the interface of biology and engineering

Chibuike Udenigwe, PhD
(Scientific Advisor)

Dr. Chibuike Udenigwe is a scientist and research chair at the University of Ottawa. His research focus includes the chemistry of food proteins/peptides and their interactions with biochemical processes in humans, especially their beneficial effects against metabolic syndrome - obesity, dyslipidemia, hypertension, etc.

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